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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: VB win; SOC split; New FB no. 1; Scholarship; Top non-P5 teams; Hot take alert

Washington State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Quasimodo: “Why are you saying I have a bad back?”

Me: “It’s just a hunch.”

Bronco VB open their season 2-0

Not a bad way to open their year. They are headed to Pocatello for another tournament next weekend. They have some good matchups next week.

Bronco SOC split their weekend

They got shut out against UC Santa Barbara and, in turn, shut out Cal Poly. The Broncos have Eastern Washington up next.

Bronco FB announce the captains

Obvious selections are obvious.

All seniors. All players with the ability to make the first-team All-MWC if they play to their potential. Definitely a theme for this year.

There’s a no. 1 on the roster

And, no, we can’t update the Countdown.

As a reminder, we have Mr. Evans as no. 82. No matter. Still pretty neat to see the youngster have the prestigious number for the Broncos.

Haden Hogarth is given a scholarship

So Quinn Skillin gets a scholarship, and now Hogarth. Good to see the specialists getting some love.

This is... a bad take

Now. Before you click the link. Yes. It is to a website for an organization up north. The take itself is not good. And you’re going to come away wondering how, in the world, he came up with it. I would assume his ‘journalism’ will get better. Because that particular topic isn’t journalism. It’s an opinion. And—whooo boy—it’s a bad one.

Open Man talks Week 0

The only reason I am including this here is because any time we get a national writer to recap the Boise State overtime win against Colorado State last year is a good time.

In case you wanted to know every team’s (projected) starting QB

Not that it matters a whole lot (to us) who Memphis’s starting QB is. But in case you have a trivia night this next week and need some sports notes.

Welp. The sports departments at two of Idaho’s universities are in trouble

If you remember Kevin Satterlee, former Boise State COO, Vice President, and chief counsel, is the new President for Idaho State.

Washington Post has top teams outside the Power 5

Not sure how I feel about their no. 1 team. But their no. 2 team is ok.


I know I have posted one of these before. But here is another Sleep Calculator.