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Boise State roster countdown 2018: Day 11, Jaylon Henderson

We are now "Kellen Moore" many days away from the season opener at Troy, but due to not every number on the roster being used, and some being doubled up, today we are highlighting jersey #9...11 days out.

#9, Jaylon Henderson, redshirt junior, quarterback


Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 211

High School: Park High School. It is unclear which of the approximately 13 billion Park High Schools in the US that Jaylon attended, but his hometown is declared to be Kingwood, Texas. So, probably one in that state somewhere.

How’d he get to The BlueTM?

Jaylon came to The Blue as a JC transfer from Trinity Community College. He also spent time at University of Texas San Antonio. Most recently, at Trinity, he completed 100 of 187 passing attempts for 1,081 yards and nine touchdowns, with one interception. This went along with 85 rushing attempts for 382 yards and three scores.


”Nine Hendo”

He doesn’t just keep it 100. He keeps it NINE of them. Especially apt considering his jersey number.


Sterling K. Brown from the upcoming Predator re-re-reboot. And also some high-brow soap opera on NBC that apparently had an exceptionally emotional episode involving a crockpot and a failed smoke detector.

Career highlights

As of yet, no Boise State highlights.

2018 Prospectus

As I mentioned yesterday with the Riley Smith write-up, it’s a big problem if anyone other than Rypien is taking the majority of snaps at quarterback this season. That said, the running ability of both Henderson and Cord could be utilized in specific sub packages, similar to (but hopefully less frequent and not as necessary as) Cozart last season or Michael Coughlin/Underclassman Grant Hedrick of yesteryear.

Is he on Twitter?


Completely made up fact

He may not look like much a brass enthusiast, but Jaylon is actually an accomplished sousaphone player. He only discovered football when he started lifting weights with his high school’s team in an effort to develop the requisite strength and stamina to carry one of those monstrous, musical oddities for the duration of his band’s grueling parades in Texas weather.