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Friday Open Thread 2: Electric Bluegaloo

NCAA Football: Las Vegas Bowl-Boise State vs Oregon Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Well Nuggies, you’ve made it through another week. If you’re anything like half of our staff, you may have aged an entire year in the past few weeks! Shocking how fast the time goes when you get old.

The good news is we’re that much closer to kickoff. It’s so close you can almost taste the churros; Heck, if you’re in the Treasure Valley that flavor can be found at the Western Idaho Fair this weekend. There have been rumors that Coach Harsin is looking to get a third hottub, so you might bump into him if you go.

Still, we’ve not quite reached football season, and some of you aren’t back on your posting game just yet. Finish your lunch Blizzard, mute your phone ringer, and let’s talk about whatever floats your boat.

I hear the weather down in Alabama is just murder this time of year. Makes you wonder if they even plan on playing defense...