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Boise State Wants You to Buy Tickets

And with this flash sale, this is your great opportunity to see some sweet games.

Las Vegas Bowl - Boise State v Oregon Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Here at OBNUG we are always looking out for you. We are brothers, or sisters. We are a family. And we are a family that cares and shares. So I wanted to make a special point to let you guys know about the Blue Collar Plan flash sale that Boise State is putting together tomorrow:

Due to the overwhelming success of the Blue Collar Pass earlier this summer, Boise State Athletics is bringing back a limited number for purchase beginning tonight at midnight. The flash sale is Friday only, or when the allotted number sells out.

The Blue Collar pass is your literal ticket to every Boise State home game at a literal (but in a figurative sense) steal of $150. That’s $25/seat for a team that will make another appearance in the top-25 of whatever poll you choose to look at (well except for Sports Illustrated because they’re jerks).

You may be thinking to yourself, “But what if I want to sit with my family or friends? I don’t want to just go by myself.” Well, concerned consumer, be not afraid. The Broncos think of everything:

Want to sit with family and friends? We are all family, but we know what you mean – we can do that. Tickets purchased together will be grouped together on game day.

(Yes, that family line is the only reason I shoehorned family in my introduction.)

That is a great opportunity to take you, your spouse, and perhaps your children, to a whole home-season slate for a super-low rate. A family of four gets season tickets for $600. If I were you (and could do so in the financial sense) I would not pass this up.

But you better be quick on the draw come midnight (presumably in the mountain time zone) cause there is only 100 of the tickets available. After that, who knows if they will be feisty enough to release another batch of tickets for a deal like this. My guess is not.

Good luck to those deal hunters and Go Broncos!


Welp, I sure hope you got the tickets:

This is/was a screaming deal. I hope several nuggies were able to take advantage of the sale. Can’t wait for football to come back.