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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: New banners; Left-handers day; Assistant coaches ready for HC jobs; SBOE agenda

MAACO Bowl Las Vegas - Arizona State v Boise State

I lived in a houseboat for a while, and started seeing the girl next door.

Eventually we drifted apart.

20 assistants that are ready for a HC job

You’re going to see some familiar names on this list. Which is a testament to the Broncos’ ability to spot talented coordinators and put them in a position to succeed.

Broncos have revealed the banners for next year

These are pretty slick. I know they always do a good job with these, and this years is no different, but it’s still always cool to see what they do with these.

Idaho State Board of Education has released their next agenda

You can click the link and check out their agenda for the meeting. While there doesn’t seem like a whole lot of Boise State-centric stuff here, there is some interesting stuff going on with a university up north. The ‘Personnel Matters’ action item for Idaho seems... interesting.

Yesterday was Left-Handers Day

It’s one of the few days that should be renamed to Kellen Moore Day, tbh.

Curtis Weaver makes yet another watchlist

Because of course he has.

The Game Haus reviews the Mountain West

Just another review of the Mountain West. You know. FYI.

Former Boise State player fired from WNBA coaching position

Yikes. Talk about rough patch for the Dallas Wings.


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