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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: FB depth chart; Horton and Rypien interviews; Big XII schedule

NCAA Football: Nevada at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

My friend keeps saying “cheer up mate, it could be worse, you could be stuck underground in a hole full of water!”

I know he means well.

ICYMI: initial football depth chart released

It is a pretty exciting time right now. While football is still 38 days away, we get some semblance of football stuff to talk about. Who is going to be filling from the departures of last year makes this easier.

MWC video: Tyler Horton talks about his expectations

Can’t believe he’s already a senior. Seems like yesterday he was lining up as a freshman.

Here is Brett Rypien

A lot of the Broncos’ season rests on his shoulders. He’s been through it all. Excited to see how he’s going to lead the Broncos this season.

Here is Harsin about being the premier G5 team

Pretty boilerplate stuff.

Standard coach speak.

Is Boise State the Big XII’s second-best out of conference opponent?

This is from an Oklahoma State blog. Some good points here. You should give it a look.


An online Rubik’s Cube.