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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Tyrone Crawford mad at Madden ‘19; Troy Merritt in it to win it; Boise State esports top 10

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Went to the aquarium and saw the dolphins.

Me and them just clicked.

Tyrone Crawford not too happy about Madden 19 representation

I mean I don’t blame him. They really gave him some extra stuffing in the midsection.

Paying attention to EVERY player would be a challenge. But still.

Boise State in the top 10 in esports and gaming

Professor Chris Haskell is making a big impact at Boise State in terms of building a program from the bottom up. Being a top 10 so early in the process gives the orogram a lot of incentive to keep going.

The Forgotten 5 picks their bowl games

They have joined the crowd in choosing Boise State to a NY6 game. But you’ll have to click to find out which game that is.

Barbasol Championship suspended due to weather

Troy Merritt is tied for first. Maybe I’ll be including some good news on Tuesday.

The winner gets a two year PGA exemption.

Bleacher Report pretty enthusiastic about the Boise State defense

My deep-seeded homerism doesn’t want to dispute this.

College Football News ranks CFB head coaches

Where he ranks is ok I suppose (not going to reveal that here). But VERY curious as to the blurb they wrote about him in five years. Very curious.


A bunch of raining emojis.