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Boise State roster countdown 2018: Day 43, Joe Provenzano

Boise State v New Mexico Photo by Adria Malcolm/Getty Images

We are already winding down on the 40’s guys. It feels like time is going faster as we get closer to zero, right? Today is #43, Joe Provenzano.

#43, Joe Provenzano, RS Senior, MLB


Height: 5’11”

Weight: 232 lbs. (+16 lbs)

High School: Damien High School, Glendora, California

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Joe went the walk-on route to become a Bronco, specifically the preferred walk-on route. He actually had a scholarship offer from Northern Illinois to be a Bronco. He couldn’t pass up on what the Broncos could offer. Respect.



Michael used this last year. What can I say? Great minds think alike. Not to mention it just rolls off the tongue.


Actor Manish Dayal

Career Highlights

Joe had 2 tackles in 5 games last season, both against Air Force. He had 8 tackles in 2 games in 2016, 7 of those against New Mexico. That’s 10 total tackles in a reserve role in 2 years. He did no see action in 2015 and red shirted in 2014.

He played both baseball and football at Damien. He was an all-league selection in both 2012 and 2013. He had a school record 119 tackles as a senior and finished his career at Damien with 240 total tackles and 3 forced fumbles in 3 years as a varsity contributor.

2018 Prospectus

Tyson Maeva will be the starter here. I think it will take a lot to supplant him based on the past two seasons. Joseph Inda didn’t get as much action as I anticipated this last season, registering no tackles. Joe has been with the team for a long time and understands the nuances of the program. This could be a good season for JoePro. I still anticipate him to operate in a reserve role, especially with 3 incoming freshman all chomping at the bit, but Joe could double his career total in tackles this season.

I don’t honestly know which freshman of Schramm, Mills and Hawkins, will play MLB. I’m sure it’s been discussed, it just isn’t coming to my mind right now. All 3 of them will push for early playing time beyond the 4 allowed by the new red shirt rules. I anticipate one of them to do so, and MLB, I think, is the most likely position for that due to the lack of depth behind Maeva. Fall camp will be fun!

Is he on Twitter?

He’s not only a football fan, he’s a baseball fan, too!

Completely made up fact

Joe is often in trouble with the coaches for the constant swirlies he gives his younger brother, Nick, who is also on the team. His legendary atomic wedgie of 2016 is still discussed in the locker room.