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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Baseball stadium; Jay Ajayi signing; Troy Merritt; Boise State e-sports

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-OTA Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

What do you call a mermaid that can fly?


Proposed baseball stadium location

Things are progressing for the return of baseball. As B.J. Rains states later on, the views that this is going to provide should be good.

Jay Ajayi wants to get paid after the last year of his contract

And signing with Drew Rosenhaus may just do that.

He’s still got some gas in the tank. It is so strange that the shelf life of running backs is so short. But he’s got the opportunity.

Troy Merritt finished 17th at the Quickens Loans National

Not too shabby of a run for the former Bronco.

Boise State #10 for esports and gaming

In the words of the Dude, “Yeah, well, that’s just, like uhh, your opinion man.”


Can’t figure out what’s for dinner? Let the wheel decide.