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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Harsin on a watchlist; New Beach VB coach; Best overall athletic department

My wife is still mad at me because I accidentally put super glue on her pen a few days ago.

She just can’t seem to let it go.

Coach Harsin is on a watch list for next year

Since there is always movement from the G5 to the P5, I would assume that there would be a lot of the same coaches as last year, but in different positions. Still pretty neat to see that Harsin is being recognized. Curious if there is a chance he can actually get it.

Who deserves to be America’s team? (h/t: kcam)

I had meant to include this earlier but had always slipped my mind. I think we know who we would vote for though.

Group of 5 coach countdown

This columnist is ranking coaches that, apparently, would be good candidates to coach at Kansas. But I didn’t realize they were going to be hiring soon? Feels kind of odd to have this list out right now, but it’s a good possibility they’ll be needing a new coach pretty quick.

Beach VB has a new coach

As the article states, there are now a lot of time commitments to being the beach VB coach. And the indoor coach, Shawn Garus, will have his hands full getting his team back up to snuff. Congratulations to Coach Allison Buck.

Best overall athletic department in college?

Boise State is relatively high on this list. Go figure the top 40 is full of P5 schools.

Bronco soccer picks up a local commit

It’s important for the Broncos to keep local talent here. Glad they were able to add another one.

Chandler Hutchison: still kinda good at basketball

Pulled down a double-double in his third game. Not too shabby.


Circle game. You start out as a small circle consuming smaller circles. Avoid the larger circles cause they eat you.