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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Custom shoes; Joey Martarano plays again!; Chandler Hutchison; Tennis tournament

2018 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

My wife left me because of my obsession with astrology.

I guess I should have seen the signs.

Joey Martarano officially returning to the gridiron

And he’s staying local too!

Still super-bummed that he is not playing for Boise State next fall. But, considering the circumstances, it’s still awesome to see him local. And if any Broncos fans wanted to see him tear it up on the NAIA level, they can. With how awesome he was at Boise State, he is going to lay waste to some fools for College of Idaho.

Conference champions compilation

Basically the gist of it right there. The Vegas favorites to win each conference. You already know who is favored to win the MWC.

Chandler Hutchison continuing to do his thing in the NBA Summer League

Another solid performance.

Could do with less turnovers, but thems the breaks sometimes. 32 minutes is a solid chunk of time.

Check out these custom Boise State shoes

I fully expect them to get a cease and desist letter soon (if they’re for sale). I’m joking by the way... for the most part.

They look pretty slick. I wouldn’t mind a pair.

Are you a tennis fan?

Apparently Boise State is hosting one of the ITA Summer Circuit tournaments. And even normal folks can participate (for compliance reasons). Attendance is free if you want to watch.

Athlon has bowl projections for next post season

Pretty boilerplate stuff here. Boise State selected for a NY6. I’ll let you click to find out who they have as the matchup.

Cool, cool, cool, cool...


It’s the Million Dollar Homepage. Wish I would have thought of this.