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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Bronco softball needs a coach; WBB recruiting; Football softball game

Sports: OSAA State Championship Molly J. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I went to the library and asked if they had any books on paranoia.


Cindy Ball leaves Boise State softball

This is after the best season the Broncos have had (so far).

For me, it’s not the leaving that bothers me. It’s the destination. But, in softball, being in Florida is a nice place to be. Boise State needs to choose a softball coach and still needs to find a swimming and diving coach. Quite the frustrating situation.

Watch Boise State football play softball

This should be a fun game and a good opportunity to hang out with the squad. If you can, try and make it.

Bronco WBB apparently leads in MWC recruiting

So far anyway. That’s pretty cool.


Sorry for the relatively slow news day (as far as Boise State is concerned). Is it raining in Scotland?