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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Baseball commit: Softball recognition; G5 worth less than a full win?; Vegas Bowl

Mountain West Championship - Fresno State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I used to have a job as a drill operator.

It was well boring.

Bronco softball player gets high recognition

Broncos are getting another winner added to their roster. I look forward seeing their NCAA-run momentum carry over to next year. Should be exciting to see the returning MWC champs defend their title.

Brett Rypien is pretty good at throwing the ball

This next year has the opportunity to be a special one, not just for the Broncos but Mr. Brett Rypien.

This is good news for the Mountain West Conference

Well. For the most part.

The bowl opponent is still going to matter since this is the only guaranteed P5 matchup that the MWC has. While playing in Vegas is still going to be important, the opponent is going to be key.

Also, the second bowl may be after New Years.

Another baseball commit

I don’t honestly remember adding this previously. I do enough of these that a lot of my days run together. So if this is a duplicate, sorry, but always fun to revisit some of these anyway.

Tyler Rausa has a job kicking balls

I mean, I assume he is going to be paid for his services.

So yay!

G5 wins not counting as a ‘full’ win?

Gotta say; not a huge fan of this idea. Unless Boise State gets to count as a full win. Then whatever. The separation of P5 and G5 is inevitable anyway. Just going to continue supporting the Broncos.


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