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Boise State roster countdown 2018: Day 67, Garrett Larson

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Day 67 is here! Finally! I’ve been waiting for this day since * ahem * 68. So, okay, we’re not as close as one might hope to the opener, but we ARE well into the 60s now. Which means we are going to be covering a lot of interior offensive linemen and defensive ends. Since that includes guards, it will also include Garrett.

#67, Garrett Larson, Junior, OL


Height: 6’4”

Weight: 296

High School: Fruitland High School, Fruitland, Idaho

How’d he get to The BlueTM?

Garrett came from local 3A powerhouse, Fruitland High, where he was named All-Idaho 2012-2014. There he also played alongside former Broncos Alec Dhaenens and Joey Martarano, and helped guide the Grizzlies to 4 straight state championship games. He parlayed his status as a 3-star athlete and one of the top-100 tackles in the nation into a scholarship with Boise State.


”Ginger Thor”

Look man, If you’re gonna rock the flowing locks and that beard, in an era cinematically dominated by the Marvel’re just inviting customized comparisons. It’s gonna happen.


From the best page in Sundays paper (or used to be—I don’t know anymore, I haven’t had a subscription to one in my whole adult life), Hagar the Horrible.

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Career highlights

Garrett made it into 14 games last year for the Broncos, including 7 starts.

2018 Prospectus

Line play was more than a little rough to start the season last year. There were a number of various lineups before some continuity was established and Alexander Mattison was able to ride the people-movers up front to a 1k season and Brett Rypien was able to...well, basically he was able to stop being murdered every other snap. I would imagine after those first few games he was feeling an awful lot like a certain Kenny McCormick; just dying over and over. But they got all that sorted, and actually had a pretty good dynamic toward the end of the season. Unfortunately for Larson, that dynamic generally had him slightly behind John Molchon on the depth chart. Since they both are in the same grade, Larson won’t be getting a starting job by graduation-based attrition. He’ll have to earn it. Should be a fun battle to watch!

Is he on Twitter?

It appears he once had one, but no longer does. Although if that is inaccurate, I’d be happy to update.

Completely made up fact

Although Garrett boasts a large and powerful frame that draws so many comparisons to vikings, he has a hobby one might not immediately suspect. Mr. Larson is something of an amateur horticulturist (when he’s not carving wooden figurines with literally only his bare hands—no tools) and he is the proud owner of a robust daisy garden that is the jewel of the gem state.