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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Football commit; Riley Smith catchup; NBA Draft tomorrow

My wife said she’s leaving me because I am obsessed with astronomy.

What planet is she on?!

ICYMI: Bronco FB added a running back commit

Really want to stress the fact that the Broncos are keeping an Idaho kid in Idaho. When Mr. Duncan was on KTIK yesterday he had mentioned that he also had offers from Oregon State and Washington State. The recruiting sites will need to update that.

The Broncos recruiting class is shaping up to be pretty good.

Riley Smith ‘doing really well’ per his former head coach

One can only assume that this sort of thing happens everywhere. But it is good to see that the Broncos are trying to get a head start on the new guys getting up to speed.

Reminder: Chandler Hutchison probably going in the first round of the NBA Draft

That article is a profile on Mr. Hutchison. But it gives me an excuse to make sure everyone knows that they need to pay attention tomorrow.

And this is going to give the Broncos a spot on a pretty short list:

Tecnically Fresno State was in the WAC at the time those two were drafted (Jay Tust acknowledged that fact a little later on. Hard to put that all in the limited space). But still impressive. Those Utah selections were both first overall picks. One day Boise State will get there. One day.

Side note: does it gall anyone else that Fresno State has two pretty important players in two different sports? Paul George in basketball and Aaron Judge in baseball? That really bothers me.

Want to watch a brief video of Boise State signee Demitri Washington?

Bowl projections based on Vegas win totals

This wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all.


Quickest quotes.