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OBNUG interview with Boise State baseball commit Cole Posey

Mr. Cole Posey was kind enough to answer some of our questions.

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As we are all aware, Boise State is bringing back baseball. To do that, there has to be an inaugural class to kick-start that process. Below is a brief interview with one Cole Posey who has verbally committed to the Broncos and is slated to play shortstop.

For a little background about Mr. Posey: He will be a 2019 graduate and is ranked by Prep Baseball Report (PBR) as the #25 shortstop in Texas and a Top 150 PBR player in the state of Texas. He is a two-time All-District at SS in District 19-5A and was awarded the Defensive MVP for District 19-5A. Posey’s high school, Georgetown High School, was a Regional Semi-Finalist for the Texas 5A championship this past season.

OBNUG: What started your recruitment to Boise State? Did they reach out to you? You reach out to them? another baseball commit reach out to you?

Cole Posey: Funny enough, I have a lifelong family friend who is an early enrollee at Boise State to play football. So, when we heard that Boise State was starting up a baseball program it seemed like a perfect opportunity. I contacted Coach Van Tol directly to express my interest in the program and connect him with my coach back in Texas.

OBNUG: When Coach Gary Van Tol started recruiting you in earnest, what about him—as a coach—piqued your interest? His coaching background? His baseball philosophy? What piqued your interest in Van Tol as a person?

Posey: Coach Van Tol’s professional background was a huge factor. Having a coach who’s been around the game for so long and managed at the highest level is really exciting to me as a player. However, as I’ve gotten to know Coach Van Tol over the past 4-5 months it’s really been his philosophy and approach to the game that has made the biggest impact on me.

OBNUG: What baseball players (or other athletes) do you try to model your game after?

Posey: Naturally, being a short stop I have to say Derek Jeter. The respect he’s earned for being a tireless worker and a great leader is what all players strive to attain.

OBNUG: Starting a program can be a challenge for any coach. And can be daunting for a player since you’re coming in on the ground floor. What about the Boise State baseball revival did you see that encouraged you to hop on board?

Posey: I would have to say it’s the challenge of building something from the ground up that’s been the greatest attraction for me personally. Being a part of the first recruiting class is special and having a chance to lay the foundation for Boise baseball is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

OBNUG: We often see athletes with the ability to play multiple sports in high school that translates to success on the next level (easy example is Kyler Murray of Oklahoma, a Boise State example would be Leighton Vander Esch who succeeded in football and basketball). What other sports did you play?

Posey: I’ve played basketball, football and baseball at the high school level. I was a WR on our varsity during my sophomore season but opted to focus on baseball this past year. That said, I’m pretty certain I’ll be stepping back onto the gridiron for my senior season. There’s nothing quite like Friday Night Lights in Texas!

OBNUG: Have you had the opportunity to visit Boise? Been on campus? If you have, have you seen the Blue Turf of the football field?

Posey: I took an unofficial visit to Boise in April and it was everything I could’ve wanted and more. As far as the blue turf goes, they took us onto the field and it was like a childhood dream come true. I can’t wait to be a part of Bronco Nation in the stands for home games!

OBNUG: If you have been to Boise, what was something that you liked? Did it have an impact on your commitment?

Posey: The one thing that stuck out the most to me was the family atmosphere within the athletic department and then, by extension, the folks we met on campus. Every single person I met was happy I was there and went out of their way to welcome me in a truly sincere way. That’s really what sold me on Boise State. It reminded me of something my dad has said to me throughout the recruiting process….“go to a place where you’re celebrated, not tolerated”. I definitely felt celebrated at Boise State.

OBNUG: Van Tol (half joking, half serious) floated the prospect of a blue turf for the baseball field (for reference). How do you feel about possibly playing on a blue turf?

Posey: I say why not? The blue turf has been great for the football team and I think it would be just as special and unique for the baseball team.

OBNUG: Final, and perhaps most important question, how do you feel about Dairy Queen and churros (not necessarily at the same time)?

Posey: DQ….the Texas stop sign? That’s always a good idea. And I’m always down for a churro ;)

Interviewer’s note: I had never heard of the “DQ, the Texas stop sign” thing so that was a pleasant surprise.

Also, Bronco Nation, we are in good hands.

If you use the Twitters, you can follow Cole Posey by following the Tweet below.