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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Track & field signee; Doug Martin press conference; Joey Martarano

Boise State v Virginia Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Did you hear about the chemist who got arrested?

He threw sodium chloride at his wife. That’s a salt.

Boise State track and cross country signee

Broncos adding a future winner!

Joey Martarano headed back to football?

Which would be cool. But it wouldn’t be for Boise State, or for any Division I school. I think he would do pretty well wherever he landed. I would hope that if he’s able to go the professional level in football that he is able to credit Boise State for some of that development.

Dallas’ Sean Lee talks about Leighton Vander Esch

Lee has some good things to say about LVE. And I am much excited!!!

Allie Ostrander is pretty darn smart

Which is a prerequisite in order to get this particular recognition. 4.0 to mix with being a full-time student would be overwhelming for a lot of people. She seems to accomplish this with aplomb.

Lindy’s thinks highly of BYU’s upcoming schedule

*Adjusts glasses*

Good for BYU I suppose but I am definitely more interested in that last team mentioned for a NY6 game.

Broncos in for summer training

Oy. I am getting winded watching this.

Doug Martin Raiders press conference

This is a Youtube video. I couldn’t embed it here for some reason but you can watch Doug Martin and those massive biceps.


Endangered sounds.