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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 5-22-18; Preseason Rankings, Sporting News Preview, Kellen Moore Update

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State Getting Some Preseason Love

It’s that time of year; birds are singing, bees are gathering nectar, and prognosticators are predicting which teams belong in the top 25 before anyone has played a snap. You can always count on there being an overrepresentation of SEC teams, but at least Boise State has played consistently enough lately to warrant a little optimism. I’m not saying this means we should all predict an undefeated season and the first G5 invite to the playoffs, but I totally am saying this.

Sporting News Preview

Maybe this link has been posted before, but if I didn’t click on it, there might be a chance you didn’t either. Honestly, I’m more worried about Troy than Oklahoma State in our OOC slate. I also believe there are a few up-and-coming MWC teams who will be a bigger challenge this season.

I believe our team is going to be stronger this year though.

Kellen Moore, Guys

Not even helping the Cowboys succeed can make me stop loving that fella! I think the NFC needs to be on high alert now that Dak has a good QB coach. Let’s see, do they play my Seahawks? Nuhnuhnuhnuhnuh....



Hey, anyone been wondering what fellow Nuggie Shovel is up to lately?

Workin’ for Pepsi, apparently.