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Next Bronco Up: Kickers

NCAA Football: Boise State at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

If our final article (I think) we will look at kickers. I expect this to be extremely short haha.


Kevin Madigan - 5’9” 189 lbs - walk-on, left.


Haden Hoggarth - RS Senior - 6’ 190 lbs, 57-57 PATs, 18-23 FGs (78.3%)

Joel Velazquez - RS Sophomore - 6’ 227 lbs, 84 kickoffs for 5,342 yards (63.6 yard average), 53 touchbacks, 22 punts for 894 yards (40.6 yards per punt average).

Two seasons ago was an anomaly in that we offered a scholarship to a kicker, Velazquez being the recipient. We had no new commitments, walk-on or otherwise, so far this season.

I fully anticipate Haden to continue to work as our field goal and PAT specialist. With his accuracy, there is not reason not to trust him to continue to rock it.

I do, however, expect Velazquez to try his hand more at PATs and potentially FGs as well. With Hoggarth graduating and Velazquez literally being the only other kicker on the roster, we need him to be able to fill that role in Hoggarth’s absence. Considering all of that, I’m surprised the coaches haven’t secured the services of another kicker. I would anticipate that position being a focus for the 2019 season. Whether or not they go the scholarship route or not, I’m not sure. Madigan was on the roster last season, but is not listed for 2018.

Hopefully we can at least get a walk-on before this fall just from a back-up perspective. Kicker is usually a position we can fill with walk-ons. Here’s hoping we can continue to do so.

I think that covers it for this series. Hopefully it was been somewhat interesting. The countdown begins this week to help fill the void in your hearts for the rest of the summer. At some point I will do an article on who we will need to replace in the next class, but that will come later. Thanks for reading all and GO BRONCOS!