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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 5-18-18: Sperbeck Back in NFL, Boise State South, Softball Tourney Tonight!

NCAA Football: Boise State at Air Force
He’s Ba-a-a-ack!
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Did you hear about the giant who threw up?

It’s all over town.

Sperbeck Signs with Tampa Bay

This warms the cockles, wait for it... of my heart. I was just watching a video of Boise State’s wins over Power 5 opponents on Youtube yesterday and wondering whatever happened to the guy who stepped up and set records when we lost Matt Miller. When Sperbeck left, I couldn’t imagine someone replacing him. Until Cedrick Wilson stepped up. But now he’s gone. WHAT ARE WE EVER GOING TO DO?????!!?!?!?!?!?!?

This is always good for a boring Friday at work:

I still really enjoy watching Jay Ajayi stiff-arm a Georgia defender into the CFL!

Speaking of Ajayi...

Seems he’s getting sued for trashing a mansion he stayed in once. Brits, amirite?

Insight into the Dallas Cowboys’ BSU Pipeline

We already knew they liked our players, and I even found myself begrudgingly rooting for them when Kellen Moore was put in as quarterback. Okay, I was screaming my fool head off, but don’t tell my superfan nephew-in-law. Did you know the players they drafted from BSU since 2008 outnumber players from Oklahoma, Baylor, Texas Tech, and Notre Dame? I give the Cowboys another 5 years and they’ll have an all-blue team.

How to Watch the NCAA Softball Tourney Tonight

Our softball team squares off against powerhouse Washington in the first round tonight at 9:30 pm. You can watch the game on ESPNU if you are into that sort of thing. (Staying up late, not Bronco Softball.) Go Broncos! We’re pulling for you!


I tried to envision what the set of Sherlock sounded like when Benedict Cumberbatch pretended to be able to play violin:

P.S. If you all could keep Damien Alambra and his family in your thoughts and prayers, he could use some right now.