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Boise State Softball brings home conference title

Boise State Athletics

Boise State athletics has been on fire this year. And, more specifically, the Boise State softball team.

The Broncos needed to win two of three games against last-place New Mexico this weekend in order to nab the Mountain West Conference’s auto-bid in the NCAA tournament.

The Broncos brought the bats on Thursday to run-rule New Mexico 10-0.

The game for Friday, unfortunately, had to be postponed due to the crappy rainy weather. On the bright side, we get to see the Broncos cover infield with a tarp in 22 seconds!

Oh well. Softball is made for double-headers anyway as it was imperative to get both games played before Sunday (that’s when the NCAA selection committee releases the tournament bracket).

The Broncos continued their momentum from Thursday with another #BEATEMDOWN in the first game as they proceeded to run-rule the Lobos again with a 10-1 performance.

This win was the clincher for the Broncos’ titles hopes as it put them above second-place San Jose State. This game also increased their record-setting wins for the year at 39.

But, alas, the day was not done. While everyone was enjoying their win and trophy, there was still one more game left to play. The Broncos did still have a lot to play for in this final game of the season. Not only keeping a winning momentum, but also hitting a crucial Boise State milestone of 40 wins in a season.

And as a final game of the regular season the Broncos, and yes the Lobos (begrudgingly) did not disappoint.

The Lobos actually had the lead going into the bottom of the seventh inning 5-4. But some late-game heroics kept the Broncos in the game.

I can’t really do the final play justice, so here you go.

This season has been a magical one for the Broncos. From as few as 14 wins two years ago to a record-setting 40 is astonishing. And their first trip to the NCAA tournament. By the way, the selection show is Sunday at 8 p.m. on ESPN 2.

This conference title also adds yet another trophy for Boise State. That makes five team titles this year to go along with football, WBB regular season and tournament, and swimming and diving.

Congratulations to the softball team on a remarkable turnaround and a remarkable team. This benchmark is going to be hard to duplicate, but Bronco Nation will be rooting for you.