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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Troy Merritt longest drive; Softball wins; Matt Paradis stays in Denver

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I used to race snails.

I thought that if I took off their shells they would go faster, but all it did was make them sluggish.

Troy Merritt finished tied for 36th at the Valero Open

Which is cool. He also had the longest drive of the week. Not too shabby.

Looks like Orlando Scandrick took in a hockey game

Rooting for the Capitals at a playoff game. We are jonesing for football so much, we turn a dude watching a hockey game into a headline.

Matt Paradis: sticking with the Denver Broncos for now

The former Boise State footballer is having himself quite the career in Denver. I am rooting for him to become the next Joe Thomas (but, you know, with the one more Super Bowl ring).

Bronco softball comes away from the weekend winners!

And did it with a sweep of the UNR Wolf Pack.

Falcons have reported interest with Jake Roh

Anything that gets a former Bronco on an NFL roster I am all for.


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