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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Troy Merritt; Doug Martin; Marty Tadman; Bronco T&F

New York Jets 2008 Headshots Photo by Getty Images

I told my wife that she drew her highbrows a bit high.

She seemed surprised.

Confirmed: Troy Merritt is a good person

Pretty cool moment for the former Bronco to have with a young fan.

BJ Rains’ Bronco Legends podcast strikes again

This time with OBNUG-favorite Marty Tadman. Rains is batting a 1.000 so far with these guests. I venture to say he won’t strike out.

ICYMI: We would never try to trick you guys

Some important stuff in here. Just making sure you didn’t miss out.

Broncos doing some winning on the track & field

Broncos down in California doing stuff and winning things. Good!

A ‘Get to know you piece’ about James Webb for Boston Nets fans

Not sure when Boise State joined the “Mountain Valley West” Conference but, sure, why not.

Someone is concerned about George Iloka and the NFL’s new targeting rule

As with any rules changes, it is going take some adjusting for these guys to get used to it. We will find out.

10 Things to know about Doug Martin

This is aimed at Oakland Raiders fans, but still. Good to know. (Yes, there is a paywall.)

Also, as a follow up, Jon Gruden thinks Doug Martin is a ‘heck of a back.’ So that’s a good thing.


Wikipeetia web page. It really isn’t anything now. But I would have liked to have seen it in its heyday.