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Wake Up,Bronco Nation: The Bowerman; New Boise State Prez?; Adventure college final four; Athlon Review

PGA: Houston Open - Third Round John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

What did the Romans use to cut their pizzas?

Lil Caesars.

Allie Ostrander becomes a Boise State first

First to be nominated for The Bowerman!

And it’s a Really Big Deal considering it’s the Heisman of the collegiate track & field world. Here’s to Allie and all she’s accomplished so far. Shouldn’t be a stretch to get this one.

New Boise State president narrowed to five candidates

Not sure how these are going to play out. People may have been apprehensive when Koch retired making way for Kustra. But there is an opportunity for some good, some bad, and some different.

LVE is ‘Big, long and athletic’

There are some other interesting quips in this as well.

Boise State in Final Four of Adventure Colleges

It’s Boise State and three other schools from Colorado. Right now Boise State is matched up against Colorado State. You know who to vote for, so go do it.

Mason Hampton invited to Campbell Trophy Summit

I assume it will have something to do with Donovan McNabb and soup.

Athlon reviews Boise State’s upcoming season

There are only so many of these season previews before they start running together. But always good to stay relevent in the conversation.

I’m not sure why I watched this

My guess is because it had something to do with Boise State and NCAA ‘11

All it is is just a dude clicking through the roster. Have fun I guess.

Troy Merritt teeing off at the Valero Texas Open

If golf is your thing, you can watch a former Bronco compete.

Jay Ajayi asking/answering rapid fire questions

I totally get he spent a good chunk in Britain.

But seriously, that accent is thick.


This is a Fat Cat Workout.