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Ten reasons you should probably go to the spring game tomorrow

NCAA Football: Las Vegas Bowl-Boise State vs Oregon Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The game formerly known as the Blue and Orange game takes place tomorrow at 3:30pm at the stadium formerly known as Bronco Stadium. The team formerly known as the Broncos will divide into two warring factions—”Boise State” and “Broncos” and battle for glory and probably a decent meal or something. The loser probably gets hot dogs...and y’know how Leighton Vander Esch feels about those things.

LVE hot dogs

If you already have tickets to aforementioned festivities—you’re in’ll catch Mother Nature’s wild spring moodswings on a good day—it’s supposed to be in the low 60s, and Scott Dorval and Rick Lantz agree: no precipitation. If you’re on the fence about attending, I’ve compiled a list of reasons you may want to get off said fence and onto an aluminum bleacher.

  1. Football. It is football. Real, live football that you will be sorely missing in a month and a half. Sure, the countdown will temper some of those desires, but watching youtube videos of Winston Venable decapitating people or Doug Martin running over Shiloh Keo again and again (and again) will not slake your unquenchable thirst for Bronco football. Tomorrow, there will be some.
  2. First looks. It’s your first opportunity (and like I said...last for some time) chance to see some of the up and coming stars of the Boise State program. Boise State redshirted some big fish last year and now they’re ready to make their marks. Is Ezekiel Noa’s neck really as thick as it appears in his bio pic? Is Jermani Brown the wave of the cornerback future? Is Chase Cord a Pisces or a Virgo? Some of these questions might be answered tomorrow, maybe.
  3. Health. Did you know that sitting on an aluminum stadium bleacher for 2 hours is the equivalent of doing 300 jumping jacks? Well, it probably isn’t...but think where your mental health will be after breathing in fresh air and listening to helmets crack for that long.
  4. Crootin. Boise State will have a lot of prospective student-athletes in town for “junior day” and it will be many of their first experiences with The Blue™. Boise State wins a LOT, and recruiting is a good way to ensure that keeps happening. You’ll break any number of NCAA rules by throwing your hat in the recruiting ring...but there is no NCAA law against being loud, showing your school spirit, and being handsome and/or charming. Scratch that, I am reading that there is a bylaw against being handsome....looks like I’m safe!
  5. Defense. It wins championships...and the Broncos will be the favorites to do just that (again) because they return almost EVERYBODY. Yes, Leighton Vander Esch is coming to an NFL Draft near you, but we got DUDES. Led by sophomore phenom Curtis Weaver, this D-line could be scary good and the LB corps and secondary are as deep as they’ve been in a while. Get a glimpse of the dystopian landscape that will greet MWC offenses in a few short months (who am I kidding, there is nothing short about the offeseason).
  6. Rypien swan song. Brett Rypien is entering his final year in blue and orange and there will be a lot of “lasts” for him in 2018. Why not be there to witness his last spring game? You’ll remember it fondly on your death bed.
  7. Hall of fame. Boise State’s first Hall of Fame induction in 11 years will happen this weekend, meaning several GOATs will be in attendance at the scrimmage. Nate Potter is one of two football inductees, the other is some small town rube named KELLEN FREAKING MOORE. People that witnessed the last pass of Halley’s Comet are said to be more excited about Kellen Moore entering our orbit. I don’t want to tell tales out of school, but I myself am rather fond of him (you’re cool too, Nate).
  8. Tee dog? I can’t state for certain, but there’s an outside chance that Cowboy Kohl may need some spring reps as well. He’s a good boy. A very good boy.
  9. Free stuff. Weren’t you JUST saying that you wish you had a stylish 2018 football schedule poster? Well, you can get one gratis at the spring game. So glossy!
  10. Why not? You have nothing better to do tomorrow. I already staked out the garage sales, and they’re all kinda “meh”. Yardwork can wait and your mother-in-law can pick herself up from the airport. Come on. Cooome oooooon.