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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Jeremy Kipp Coach of the Year; Harsin and Tennessee; Learfield Director’s Cup

Las Vegas Bowl - Boise State v Oregon Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

What would you call the apple if Adam and Eve took two bites each?

Four-bitten fruit.

SB Nation ranks the Group of Five teams that could have won it all

And it includes several Bronco teams. While everything is true here it still... stings. Spoiler alert: it includes the 2010 team (the reason that makes a difference is because it is just undefeated teams). That team could have gone against anyone and won. I think that’s what makes everything about that year such a downer since we all knew what could have been.

I mean, even the stats bear out how good The Chosen One was.

Harsin applied for the Tennessee job

Through his agent. And, honestly, we shouldn’t be surprised. This is all part of the business of coaching. Who knows if he was actually interested in that tire fire. For all we know it was a bargaining chip in negotiations. Or to make other connections. At any rate, I would have been more shocked to hear there was no interest there. (As a quick aside. If anyone is interested in hearing the horror story of the former Tennessee AD, John Currie, and Tennesse fans getting ahold of his phone number, read this story. Holy cow is it fantastic.)

Swimming and Diving HC, Jeremy Kipp, gets MWC Coach of the Year

Again. In his short three-year tenure that is two MWC trophies, one second place, and getting Coach of the Year all three year. That is... pretty good. Boise State is going to need to pay him his money because he’s quickly earned all of what he’s being paid.

Former Idaho Statesman columnist, Brian Murphy, noted that Gordy Presnell may be the best coach on campus (and that very well could be true) but Kipp may be making a run for that distinction.

Of course, the co-coaches of the Broncos’ gymnastics team, Tina Bird and Neil Resnick, could put up a decent fight. They have four-straight Mountain Rim Gymnastics Conference titles. And have been to the NCAAs every year they have been at the helm.

Man, Boise State sure has a lot of good coaches.

Boise State is no. 45 in the Learfield Cup standings

And no. 2 in the Mountain West with the possibility of catching up to New Mexico (no. 36). Broncos will be relying on the women’s outdoor track & field to get some more points. If the women’s gymnastics team can get a top-two spot in regionals, they could add some points.


Do you like Bea Arthur, Mountains, and Pizza? Well, boy howdy, are you in LUCK!