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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: LVE interview; Bronco GYM wins again; James Webb; Doug Martin

NFL: Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What’s Forrest Gump’s password?


Here is a Leighton Vander Esch interview

Pretty boilerplate interview. And the responses are what you would expect. But good to hear from LVE.

Bronco GYM wins fourth conference championship over the weekend

Don’t know a whole lot about gymnastics in general. But the Broncos certainly laid a hurting to Southern Utah and Utah State. BYU was a bit more respectable in the scoring. What’s interesting—to me—is that the Broncos had actually dropped a dual meet against BYU earlier in the year but rebounded to take the final two matchups. The Broncos have been dominating the MRGC (obviously) the past few years and it looks like that won’t end anytime soon. Now the Broncos get to find out later today about their NCAA hopes.

Mel Kiper re-graded the Bills’ draft class

And the only reason I bring it up is it mentions Tanner Vallejo. Vallejo played 256 snaps for the Bills. Am curious if this is going to be his chance to see more time next year. My prediction: yes.

James Webb still doing some good things on the professional level

It isn’t with the Nets as of right now. But I think he gets his chance again sooner than later. He seems to be really shining.

Graham DeLaet: not a fan of Match Play round robin

Seems to be a bit of shade coming from the Golf. But, hey, a quick $30,000 for a couple of hours of work isn’t something to sneeze at.

How effective will Doug Martin be for the Raiders?

Well he won’t be RB1, at first anyway, for them so that’s going to be a lot of pressure off of him. Give him a chance to acclimate to how they will run things. But I do expect him to get his fair share of carries. Hopefully enough to eventually get back to RB1.


Google Feud. This is a game where you try to guess what Google will try autocomplete a search with. I had Nickelback as my first topic and I did... poorly.