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Bounced: Broncos can’t overcome costly first half and fall to Huskies in NIT

NCAA Basketball: Wyoming at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Final: Boise State 74, Washington 77

The Broncos had about as bad a half as a team can have, but didn’t throw in the towel and made their first round matchup with Washington an interesting one. Chandler Hutchison give it his absolute all in what will be his last game in blue and orange—dropping in a game-high 39 points and 14 rebounds, but unfortunately will have the “in a losing effort” next to his big night in perpetuity.

Boise State was down by 15 at the half and as much as 17 in the third quarter (NIT uses quarters, in case you didn’t know)...but Hutch took them on his back and they clawed back to within 3...but couldn’t get over that final hump as the Huskies hit some extremely timely shots to stop any Bronco momentum. Considering the Broncos shot 18% from the floor in the first half (yes, FROM THE FLOOR), 7% from three, and were being out-rebounded by the’s a minor miracle they made this one compelling. Home court is a heckuva thing to get over, and the Broncos did their level best in the second half. Playing their last games as Broncos, Hutch and Sengfelder were your top two scorers for Boise State. Lexus Williams chipped in just 2 points.

Hope you took a mental snapshot tonight because we might not see a player like Chandler Hutchison for some time. Salute to all our seniors and on to next year!

One more time...take it away, Hutch!