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Bad seed: Bronco ladies draw rubbish seed in NCAA tourney, will face #1 Louisville

NCAA Womens Basketball: ACC Tournament - Notre Dame vs Louisville Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Boise State women had another great year...but apparently what they needed was another great lawyer, because whoever argued their case for the committee should lose their license. Hours ago, the NCAA tourney decided to reward the regular season and Mountain West tournament champs (back-to-back, I might add) with a 16-seed—meaning they’ll “get” to take on the ACC champ and #1 seed Louisville Cardinals in the tournament’s opening round.

Boise State (23-9) wasn’t expected to be a high seed, mind you...but a 16 seed is generally reserved for a bubble-team and the Bronco ladies left no doubt this season that they belonged. Louisville (32-2), on the other hand, more than earned their seeding, so now the task for the Broncos is clear—shock the world or have a short stay in the tourney.

Consider this for a moment when determining how rubbish that seeding was: Boise State had “hoped” for at least a 15 seed and a short trip to Spokane to take on 2 seed Oregon. Naw, that 15 seed went to WAC champion Seattle U, whose 18-14 record is just slightly worse than our “16 seed”. I’m honestly not sure who the committee thinks less of, Boise State or the Mountain West. Did I mention the game is IN Louisville?

Hopefully that slap in the face will give our gals the extra chip their need on their collective shoulders because Friday at noon, they have a Herculean task ahead of them—it may be unlikely, but stranger things have happened than a 16-seed beating a 1, right? Right?!