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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: WTN win; Indoor track & field wrap up; Matt Paradis; Boise State Spirit Squad wins

New Mexico v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Why do ducks wear pants?

To cover their duckquacks.

Bronco WTN take down Weber State

Take that Wildcats! Weber isn’t even a state!

The Broncos didn’t drop a match to any of so-called Webers so it was a successful trip to Ogden.

Bronco T&F end their indoor season on a successful note

While neither team took home a championship, the women’s team did finish second and the men’s finished fifth. On to the outdoor season.

Coach Andy Avalos posted a sledding fail

And it is humorous to watch.

(Though I have to be honest: as long as it wasn’t any guy that is supposed to take the field, I feel better about wipeouts.)

The Animal Planet featured Kohl, the tee retrieiving dog

And he is still a good dog.

Is Leighton Vander Esch the next Chad Greenway?

I guess?

Gotta be honest: I didn’t know who Mr. Greenway was. So I checked out his Wikipedia. If LVE can mimic that type of career (first rounder, 11 years in the league, two-time Pro Bowler) I wouldn’t be too upset by that. Maybe a Super Bowl win tossed in there for giggles.

Denver is placing a high value on Matt Paradis

Looks like Mr. Paradis is a restricted-free agent right now. And if another club offers him, the Broncos have a chance to match or release him and get a second-round draft pick in return.

Bronco Spirit squad national champs

So that’s cool. Not sure what the ‘Mascot’ division is, but I am just going to assume it’s the most prestigious and sought after win there is.


Check out Seems legit.