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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: WBB wins; MBB doesn’t; Swimmers medley win; Doug Martin; Kellen Moore

NCAA Basketball: Nevada at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

How did the pirate win the world heavyweight boxing title.

He had a good left hook.

Bronco WBB win down in Reno

Which is good because it keeps the Broncos within a half game of first place for the regular-season title. Ms. Shalen Shaw had herself a game as she lifted the Broncos to a victory.

Bronco swimmers won a couple of relay races at the MWC championships

I don’t understand how they score things, but the Broncos are sitting in fourth as of yet. But there were only three events. The swimmers are the highlights, especially the relays. The championships continue today.

Chandler Hutchison a top 30 Naismith player

Which stands to reason as he is kinda good at this basketballing thing.

Speaking of the men’s basketball team...

Ah boy. I’ll just let Drew’s article speak for itself. SUPER bummed that the Broncos have to make a run through the MWC tournament to get an NCAA berth. Yuck.

Cooper Rush is, apparently, excited for Kellen Moore as his coach

Gotta be honest: that’s pretty low on my excite-o-meter when it comes to the Chosen One. But, hey, whatever works.

Tampa Bay about to part ways with Doug Martin?

Possible. And it may be necessary at this point. Give Martin a chance to start fresh elsewhere. Curious if he’d be interested in heading to the Raiders...


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