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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Leon Rice has another year to his contract; The Athletic includes Hutchison

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San Jose State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

This is your Captain speaking.


Guess who is going to the NFL Combine!

If you guessed me, you would be so close.

While we already knew about Mr. Vander Esch from the other day, Mr. Cedrick Wilson got his invite as well. Man this is going to be a fun draft to follow.

Speaking of Mr. Wilson...

You should catch him during the All-Star Football Challenge on Friday.

I’ll try and tune in as well. It will be pretty great to see Wilson in all the skills challenges.

I’ll never get tired of great form tackling from LVE

The Athletic reviewing NBA draftees

Unfortunately the majority of the story is behind a paywall. So if you pay for the subscription you probably already saw this. But just in case you wanted to read some more about Chandler Hutchison possibilities.

Looks like Coach Leon Rice is locked in to Boise State for another year

His 18 wins is basketball equivalent of Bryan Harsin’s eight.

(But instead of the vanishing buyout, how about his doubles—no triples—every year? That sounds fair to me.)

Bronco WBB has a commit that averages—averages—36 points a game

That is insane! Now hopefully no schools like Alabama, or USC, decide to check out the Broncos’ recruiting list.

Matt Paradis working through the offseason

Gotta keep buys somehow I suppose.

Jay Ajayi: Full practice on Wednesday

Well. That’s good. Right?


So, um, want to learn how to do some shadow puppets? That link is... weird. Supposedly the website is done by a middle school-aged girl out of Wisconsin? Anyway, learning how to do a cardinal for shadow puppets is nice.