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Broncos to spend Christmas in Dallas

Utah State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Well, it isn’t THE Cotton Bowl (that’ll be played between Clemson and Notre Dame), but the Broncos will be bowling AT the Cotton Bowl in the game formerly known as the Heart of Dallas Bowl and now lovingly named The ServPro First Responders Bowl. Confused yet? I don’t blame you. The Broncos dropped a heartbreaker last night to Fresno State in the Mountain West Championship game and their bowl picture didn’t look real great, but earlier today, the bowl that normally pits the Big 10 against Conference USA will host neither and the Broncos (10-3) will take on Boston College (7-5) on December 26th. All things considered, this is a pretty decent matchup for the Broncos...they get an ACC team that had a pretty decent year and get a rematch of the 2005 MPC Computers Bowl, which I know you’ve all been wanting for the last 13 years (why Z, why?).

We’ll have plenty more on the bowl as it draws a bit closer, but for now let’s just be happy we didn’t end up in the Potato Bowl or playing a triple-option team. Also, Matt Ryan’s eligibility clock is VERY expired. One more chance at glory and to bring home some fresh hardware in 2018. Go Broncos!