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Broncos drop the MWC Championship to the Bulldogs in a rematch of the regular season

Rough game for both offenses, but especially Boise State special teams.

Mountain West Championship - Fresno State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

The Boise State season came down to this game. What with Memphis eventually falling to UCF, the backdrop hopes for the Broncos to make the NY6 went out the window.

This game was about pride and hoisting the new Mountain West Conference trophy.

The first series started bumpy for both teams. The Broncos did have a heck of a time moving the ball, but a targeting call (that was confirmed) gave the Broncos a first down. Fresno State’s Aaron Mosby was ejected from the game.

The series ended unceremoniously in the Bulldogs’ territory, though, with a Skillin punt.

Fresno State was able to move quite a bit on their first offensive series, netting a couple of first downs. But a stalled run put them behind the chains and had to punt it away.

All for naught as the Brett Rypien fumble the ball and Fresno State recovers on the 20. The Bulldogs were able to capitalize off the mishap and get out in front 7-0.

Luckily the Broncos took their next possession down the field and were able to put a TD on the board tha was SUPER CLOSE.

It was mighty impressive and so happy for Sean Modster being there when it mattered.

The Bulldogs last series ended with the Broncos defense stepping up. With an assist with Bronco Nation. The crowd managed to get two false start penalties on the Bulldogs.

Fresno State did return the turnover favor with a fumble that Avery Williams both forced and recovered.

Unfortunately the Broncos weren’t able to capitalize on the opportunity and the Broncos left without any points. Another trip to the red zone without points for the Broncos.

The Bulldogs were able to march down the field, but did somewhat stall around the Boise State 22. They had to settle for a field goal. Which, considering points are at a premium, worked out well for the Bulldogs. 10-7 Fresno State.

Before the half the Broncos weren’t really able to get anything going despite Mattison starting to heat up. Though they did make it to Fresno State territory, they ended up having to punt.

After the half, the Bulldogs do take the possession down and scored. But, unlike earlier this year, they “only” get 3. 13-7 Bulldogs.

Mattison did turn on the jets in the fourth quarter after both defenses forced various punts. But special teams—which has been an issue all year—cost the Broncos the lead and the game tied at 13.

And, of course, that blocked PAT loomed large for the Broncos who had a HECK of a time moving the ball all night.

It all came down to the Broncos with the ball, tied, with 1:23 left on the clock.

The Broncos were content with letting the clock run out and get to overtime.

The Broncos start first with the ball and have to settle for a FG on the first possession.

And the Bulldogs were due for a win on the blue.

Broncos tried, but Fresno State takes the MWC championship 19-16