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Boise State vs BYU GameThread

In a game that people cannot seem to decide if it’s a true rivalry or not, a lot of emotional investment is poured into it by the fan bases. The proximity for each school and the religious ties for the fan base probably has something to do with it as well.

While the game doesn’t do anything for the MWC run, winning this game would bode well for both enthusiasm and confidence hitting the final stretch. With Fresno State next Friday, the Broncos will need all help they can get.

The frustrating thing for us is we don’t know which BYU team we are going to see. The one that beat Wisconsin IN Camp Randall? Or the one that got whacked by Utah State. Anyone’s guess really.

Casey is going to be providing the post-game write-up while Damien is going to be handling the Twitters. Hopefully we get an outcome that we all like and can go to bed feeling good. (However late that is actually going to be.)

Go Broncos!