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Well, Since VTF Isn’t Going to Post the Blog Bet...

NCAA Football: Brigham Young at Boise State
Stopped Short
Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I don’t know if Vanquish The Foe writer Jake Welch saw the light after the Boise State game and quit writing for BYU or if he was caught by a megalomaniac billionaire with an eyepatch and hung over a samurai alligator pit, but it seems like I might have to publish this myself. Then, in the interests of good sportspersonship, you can send this link to all your friends who are BYU fans who would have otherwise read it on VTF! (Just kidding... nobody reads VTF!)

So here it is:

My Feelings About BYU @ Boise State in GIFs

I apologize for this being so late, but I’m sure the sting of the loss has worn off by now! BYU and Boise State are bowl eligible, so we at least have guarantees that our teams will play after this weekend! Anyway, instead of writing a long-winded recap of the game, or drafting a funny script involving Sitake and Harsin baking cookies together, I’ve just decided to sum up my feelings in GIF form, like I did last season (you may have to wait a bit for the links to download). For those of you who need a recap of the game (which included me), here’s a youtube link.

BYU’s first drive looked a little like they forgot how football worked:

Boise State Scores!

Touchdown: BSU 7 - BYU 0

BYU coming up short on the field goal attempt after the Curtis Weaver sack:

Richardson making two amazing catches for another BSU scoring drive! (I might have startled my kids with my shouting…)

Touchdown: BSU 14 – BYU 0

BYU Fumble on the kick return!

We’re going to score after the turnover! 2-fer-1!

Wait… all this for a missed field goal? We’re supposed to be leading 21-0!

Wilson leads an awesome drive for BYU:

Ends in a field goal: BSU 14 – BYU 3

Rypien throws an interception. Did he just not see Michael Shelton?

Three sacks in a row for BSU, forcing another field goal. Slappin’ the mug outta gramma’s mouf:

Field goal: BSU 14 – BYU 6

Hightower returns the kick for a Touchdown!

But, it’s called back. (Block in the back penalty)

BSU punt, BYU drives to the 23 and fumbles the snap (Jabril Frazier recovers) Woohoo!

Nothing happens on ensuing BSU drive,

Halftime, still 14 – 6.

Boise State fumbles the handoff on the second-half opening drive. I might have been a little overconfident:

Wilson to Shumway for an awesome catch downfield. Wilson on the keeper for the TD. I don’t understand what’s happening right now:

BSU 14 – BYU 13

BSU puts together an efficient, clock-eating drive that results in a bulldozing Mattison TD!

BSU 21 – BYU 13

Double-pass trick play complete to Bushman, missed tackle on a spin move, but Tyler Horton stays with it, strips the ball, and recovers in the end zone! Total chaos on the field!

Mahone bulldozes his way for a first down and gives me another excuse to post another GIF of a kid getting run down with a power wheel:

Turnover on downs (BSU went for it on 4th & 11 in No Man’s Land). Wilson avoids a huge sack and scrambles for a first down. I’m starting to worry watching this drive:

BYU snaps the ball before whistles blown to review the catch. Not sure about that one, refs:

Although, it really wasn’t a catch, amirite?

Wilson sacked, but still makes a great play with his legs to get BYU in field-goal range. That drive had The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Suzie:

BSU 21 – BYU 16

BSU can’t put a drive together, they punt the ball to BYU only up 5 with 4:42 left.

Wilson doesn’t throw the ball away, and our defense logs its 6th sack on the night. Last one of these, I promise:

Punt. All BSU has to do is run the clock out. 3rd and 10, Rypien goes for the kill shot instead of the first down. Those of us in Bronco Nation are starting to get a familiar feeling:

Matt Hadley with a crazy long screen pass that goes from their 15 to our 25. That seemed to play out like a disaster in slow motion:

BYU down to the 5 with a minute to go.

I’ll admit, I’m starting to get a little concerned:

BYU chants start. Offense shuts ‘em down, then runs two running plays that go nowhere. Timeout with 15 seconds left on a 4th and 2. So exciting?

Wilson scrambles for the first, and has to clock the ball. On the next play, he chooses to scramble around instead of quick pass for two chances. Tackled with no time left. Freshman mistake, but he won’t have many more like that. (Makes me really nervous for next year.) But for this year, victory is sweet (I think)!

Final Score BSU 21 – BYU 16

Another year, another ulcer. Thanks for a great rivalry, BYU! Looking forward to next year (2 hour church, right?)