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GameThread: Boise State vs Utah State

Fresno State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Allllll the marbles! Well, until next week one would hope. Maybe Craig Thompson is a secret genius (I mean, look at his magnificent hair) or maybe he’s just lucky...either way, he certainly LOOKS smart for scheduling Boise State-Utah State for the last game of the regular season because everything is on the line and the winner hosts the MWC Championship against Fresno State. Utah State is enjoying possibly their finest season ever, with the only blemish on their schedule a closely-contested loss to Michigan State.

For all the hand-wringing and tight wins of the last month and a half, the Broncos are in position to play in their second straight title game if they can ground the high-flying Utah State offense. Since it just happens to also be senior night on The Blue—let’s hope they can do just that. Frankly, I hope you’re at Albertsons Stadium tonight as the Broncos need all they help we can give them, and as I’ll be in the press cheering out of me or Damien. If you aren’t into freezing temps or are out of town/ can tune into ESPN proper at 8:15 to watch what we hope is only the PENultimate game on The Blue this season. You can also tune into 670 KBOI for the play-by-play, and Damien or I will be manning the twitter livetweets all game long as well—and we’ll be around after the game with a recap and thoughts from the players and coaches.