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An Excuse and a Promise to Bronco Nation

Hooligans, all of ‘em.

“Excuses are like (donut)holes; everyone has one, and they all stink.” -My 8th grade PE Teacher, edited for content.

Today, I noticed a comment in an article asking where the Blog Bet was, and I decided to use this opportunity to explain myself, while helping some snot-nosed scouts earn their Communication merit badge.

Let’s take us back in time to the night after Boise State beat BYWho on the Blue Turf. I was still getting over the ulcer from the near loss, and was thinking on what sort of revenge I could exact on these “upper-thigh punchers” that play for BYU. That evening, my wife informed me that she probably had appendicitis and had to go to the ER rightstinkingnow. Of course, I being the rational, logical guy I am, I was pretty sure this was probably just gas and she should just “let it go,” if you will.

Then I remembered how she’s normally pretty accurate when it comes to issues concerning her body. She knew she had had a stroke a year before when the doctors hadn’t found it. So, I humored her, and took her to the ER.


I should know not to question her by now. I’m sure this one will be filed away to be retrieved next time I forget to check in coming home late from work in ten years.

So she had an emergency appendectomy (which they can do in under an hour laparoscopically), and now she’s gifted with three bellybuttons.

But that doesn’t explain last week. Well, at the risk of sounding like an excuse machine—and I’m totally not making this up—my uncle lost the battle to cancer after 13 years. I was pretty close to him. After my dad died in a scuba diving accident, my Uncle Syd was a surrogate father to me in many ways. He was the person I went to if I needed construction, life, or spiritual advice.

Anyway, I was asked if I would prepare a slideshow of his life for the viewing and funeral. Of course, I was honored to, but it did take all of my time and energy.

But this isn’t a downer article: I have scouts here, and they have some communicating to do! They will all be published co-authors after this! Also, have a merit badge!

So here’s some thoughts from the scouts about our Broncos:

  • I don’t like football (he was immediately demoted to brownie after this comment).
  • The 2007 Fiesta Bowl was amazing! They crushed them.
  • Do we have brownies? (apparently, that last joke went whoosh!)
  • I’m going to miss Brett Rypien.
  • I like futbol. (He was immediately thrown in the dumpster.)
  • It’s too bad Wilson didn’t stay with the Broncos. He would have been pretty good next year.
  • Does five wins in a row count as a “Blue Wave?”
  • Is that last comment going to bring out trolls? (Please, no.)
  • Spencer loves his mom.
  • So does Gabe.
  • So does everyone now.
  • Who’s Gabe? Just kidding, Gabe, I know who you are.
  • If we could get the Broncos to dog pile after they beat Utah State this weekend, that would be awesome.
  • Could they also make brownies?
  • I like Andy Reid’s mustache.
  • What does that have to do with Boise State?
  • Grant says HMU with any cool scholarship opportunities.
  • Go Broncos!

So there you have it, Nuggies! So unified! It’s like they share one brain between all of them!

Oh, I guess I promised a promise in the headline. Tragedy avoided, I will deliver a Blog Bet to BYU in time for them to be thankful about it this weekend.

Now I have some scouts to feed...

Not brownies, but close enough.