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5 Questions and a Blog Bet: Boise State vs. BYU

Everyone’s favorite zeros!
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Vanquish The Foe has reached out to OBNUG to continue our fine tradition of exchanging questions and then making fun of each other in an article posted on the loser’s blog. This year, Jake Welch answers my questions, and I his.

With no further ado:

1. After last week’s loss, I’ve read a lot of opinions on message boards as to what is causing the recent decline of BYU football, from going independent to the AD to coaching. Is this trend worrying or is it just a slump? If it is worrying, what do you think is the cause? Also, how many questions can I pass for one? Dogs or cats?

The program is going through a really interesting swing and a lot of it has to do with growth. When Kalani Sitake was hired, he had never been a head coach and only had four seasons as a defensive coordinator under his belt. I stand by him 100% but that’s not to say that the program will experience some relative growing pains in the process.

The growth continues with his coordinators, specifically on offense where Jeff Grimes is cutting his teeth as a first time OC after two decades of experience as an offensive line coach. We’ve see highs and lows but after a game where the Cougars only scored 6 on Northern Illinois, I’d say any good will earned from the wins has been erased by the losses.

From there we’ve been experiencing the growing pains of young players, again on the offensive side of the ball. Quarterback Zach Wilson, who took over for Tanner Mangum, looks to be a future star in the program but he’s still a freshman that is prone to freshman mistakes. The same goes for six of the other freshman that art getting major reps on offense. In time this group of coaches and players will grow but for now it ebbs from encouraging to painful to watch.

2. Hey, how about that Taysom Hill kid playing on the Saints as a Swiss-Army Knife? (I taught him in broadcasting at Highland High School, so I’ll take some credit. In the form of high fives or cash donations.)

It’s funny how Saints games have become appointment viewing for every BYU fan because of what he might do next in a game. Thinking about his career at BYU always comes with a dose of sadness because of the perpetual questions of what could have been. The entire fanbase is now overjoyed that he gets to show of his freakish athletic ability and tell all our non-BYU friends “SEE I TOLD YOU HE WOULD BE GOOD.”

3. Who are the players on BYU that Boise State should be most worried about?

If BYU is to win this game on Saturday, it’s because Squally Canada and Lopini Katoa are having big games on the ground. I’d imagine that BSU will load up the box and force Zach WIlson to beat them through the air but BYU will need to establish at least some semblance of a running game to keep them honest.

On defense, DE Corbin Kaufusi and MLB Sione Takitaki will be the ones to look out for. Kaufusi has been terrorizing offensive lines with his size and surprising quickness. Sione Takitaki put on a clinic in the Wisconsin game of how to set the physical tone for a game. If he’s locked in then any WR going over the middle might want to say their prayers.

4. Using Microsoft Paint, illustrate a scenario you see playing out in this game.

It’s a masterpiece.

5. On a scale of breakfast cereals (with Count Chocula being “Supremely” and Grape Nuts being “Not At All”) rate your confidence coming into this game.

I’m not sure how to judge on this scale because Grape Nuts are delicious if prepared properly and Count Chocula is trash. I’ll go ahead and say Rice Checks because they’re fine for about 30 seconds until they get mad soggy from the milk. BYU will similarly look fine in the first 15 minutes but then will slowly dissolve into the Boise night.

Well, there you have it, folks! Aside from his poor taste in cereal, Jake seems like a pretty good fella! Best of luck tomorrow, Cougs, in all of Cosmo’s dance routines!