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Boise State Game Balls for Week of Oct 12 - Oct 18

Cross Country: NCAA Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here is your weekly installation of Game Balls! (Going to do this one sans pictures due to time constraints.)

Game Ball One:

Sabryn Roberts (vb)

While the Broncos dropped their season finale to Air Force, the senior did win at the last home game for the Broncos against Utah State. Ms. Roberts was a staple for the Broncos the past four years so her presence will be missed.

Game Ball Two:

Ellie Woerner (bb)

The Broncos beat Northwest Christian 93-26. Ms. Woerner led the Broncos with 14 points in the beat down. The true test comes tonight against the no. 5 team in the nation: Louisville. Cross your fingers!

Game Ball Three:

Alexander Mattison (fb)

Mattison broke the 1,000 mark on a walk-off 41-yard run. 145 rushing yards on the night and a TD. Solid work in back-to-back 100-yard games.

Game Ball Four:

Sean Modster (fb)

Three TDs and 129 yards. On a night where the Broncos were without John Hightower and Khalil Shakir, the senior stepped up big time.

Game Ball Five:

Allie Ostrander (xc)

Ms. Ostrander lead the Broncos in the NCAA championships with a sixth-place overall finish. The Broncos as a team, interestingly enough, also finished 6th. Allie has yet to finish outside of the top 10 in these races.

Your Turn

Well how about it folks? Who else gets a Game Ball?