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5 Questions and a Blog Bet with Aztecs Killing Him

NCAA Football: Sacramento State at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time again, folks: Our hilarious exchange with SDSU blogger, Aztecs Killing Him! Kevan Lee started this back in the early days of OBNUG, and AKH reached out to us last year via the Tweeter to rekindle the love/hate blogger relationship. Anyway, we asked him 5 questions and made a blog bet (wherein the winning team’s writer gets to post an article on the loser’s site). Here is a link to his questions for me. Enjoy!

OBNUG: Last year, I didn’t come through on our blog bet. I had an idea for making a short movie about “Long Rocky vs. the Blue Mystique,” and I had even made an action figure of Rocky Long shirtless in USA flag trunks. This is not really a question, I just wanted you to imagine how that would have went.

4th and Rocky Long

AKH: Who ... who told you about my recurring dream? I told no one but my therapist - not even my wife! I WAS ASSURED EVERYTHING WAS CONFIDENTIAL!

OBNUG: With RB Juwan Washington out with a collarbone injury, what plays are you going to sneak into Rocky Long’s playbook to help the Aztecs win? (Be as creative as you need.)

AKH: I honestly don’t think you’ll see any trickery, unless you consider having your offensive line pancake multiple dudes into oblivion to be a trick.

Jeff Horton’s offense will be Jeff Horton’s offense, meaning expect to see a heaping helping of Chase Jasmin, who’s maybe not as explosive as Juwan, but is also pretty difficult to tackle. The only new wrinkle is the fact that with Christian Chapman out, SDSU actually has a mobile quarterback now. Ryan Agnew likes getting out of the pocket, and isn’t afraid to tuck it in and run. He generally throws a pretty good ball, too, though he’s prone to the odd insanely bad interception.

Now that I’ve said this, they’ll probably call a flea flicker on their first play from scrimmage.

OBNUG: This is not so much about the team as it is about you. Aztecs Killing Him has been an OBNUG favorite for many years: Where did the name come from, and how did you get into blogging? (Related: What’s up with KabeerThirty?)

AKH: Aztecs Killing Him is often misunderstood to mean literal Aztecs gruesomely killing some vanquished opponent, which is both a little problematic and not really in keeping with my #brand. In reality, the Him is me. It’s a nod to the fact that following this program for two decades has taken years off my life. (Spoiler: I’ve been dead the whole time)

KabeerThirty is easier to explain. Combine SDSU’s all-time sack leader, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilia, with a slogan you’d see on the T-shirt of a drunk dad at a Jimmy Buffet show. Viola. KabeerThirty.

OBNUG: Coach Long has recently alluded to the idea that he only mentioned the “Blue Mystique” as a way to troll Boise State. (If that’s the case, that’s why I didn’t make the movie.) What other factors do you think play into this rivalry? (Besides, the turf is only blue under the night lights, as the world will see on our First Ever Televised Day Game EVAR!1!!)

AKH: From the SDSU perspective, I think we were just looking for someone to replace BYU as the school we could have an extremely one-sided HATE rivalry with. We despised the Cougars so much and they barely acknowledged our existence. So the fact that you guys came in, with your Fiesta Bowls and swagger, well ... I think we just substituted one arrogant blue team for another. If you want to dig deeper, I think SDSU’s older fans view Boise State as an upstart because the Aztecs basically were Boise State back in the 1960’s and 70’s, back before the glut of bowl games, cable TV and anyone really gave a crap.

In closing, I would like to apologize for comparing Boise State to BYU. That’s a messed up thing to say and I feel bad.

OBNUG: How do you see this game playing out, as compared to crappy fight scenes? Will it be more of a Gymkata Conveniently-Placed-Pommel-Horse Brawl? Or a strategic and methodical Kirk vs. Gorn? Somewhere in-between? Please include a video link with your explanation.

AKH: This is probably wishful thinking, but I’m gonna go with Mongo vs. a Bronco.

Well, there you have it, Nuggies! Best of luck to the Aztecs in all their academic pursuits and not football!