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Bronco Soccer Rakes Up Post-Season Awards

Boise State

This set of news came across yesterday afternoon, but better late than never getting it out here.

If you have been following the OBNUG Game Balls the past couple of weeks you have no doubt seen our numerous mentions of future Bronco Hall of Famer Raimee Sherle. I may have mentioned a time or two that she has a knack for this whole fútból thing.

Well, I wasn’t exaggerating.

The Mountain West Conference released the superlatives for the regular season players of the year and coach.

And the Broncos made out like bandits.

Mountain West Conference Offensive Player of the Year: Raimee Sherle

Boise State University

Per Boise State, this is a back-to-back award for Ms. Sherle. She was the NCAA no. 1 goal-scorer this year and it showed as she put the team on her back to keep them at the top of the standings all year.

Coach of the Year: Jim Thomas


Coach Thomas has been at the helm for Boise State for six years. This is his first conference title and this one has been building for a while. The upward trajectory that the team has been experiencing has been coming. This is pretty awesome for the coach from Bangor, Wales has his team bought into his system and it’s a good thing to see.

First-team honorees

The Broncos tied the New Mexico Lobos for the most on the first team.

Second-team honorees

The Broncos had the most on this list amongst all schools.

Here is a better view of what the teams looks like broken out. (Including the New-Comer team with the Broncos’ Macie Nelson.)

The regular season didn’t quite end as they had hoped with their last two games ending in a a tie to San Jose State and that loss to Utah State. But them’s the breaks sometimes.

Now for the MWC tournament for the Broncos and the hopes for a tourney title to add to their great season.