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Brett Rypien absent on Maxwell Award Semifinalist list

Which is a bummer considering he’s had himself a pretty good season.

Colorado State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

This time of year we see the various watchlists trim their, well, lists to narrow down the field of who is going to win said award. The Broncos had their own laundry list of athletes that were on the early going lists. Boise State Senior QB Brett Rypien being at the forefront.

One of the major lists Mr. Rypien was on was the Maxwell Award for the College Player of the Year.

Today the Maxwell had to trim their list to the semifinalists.

Two names you will notice. One for being absent and another for being present.

Brett Rypien, who has thrown for 2,565 yards, 67.9% completion, 23 TDs/5 INTs, QBR 163.9, has been inexplicably left off. The lone MWC representative is Marcus McMaryion.

Distinguished man of statistics, Jay Tust, had this to mention:


Former Idaho Statesman columnist, Brian Murphy, did mention two decent points: 1) All the athletes present are on ranked teams; 2) ranking QBs on the college level is ‘impossible.’

Such is life I suppose. I wouldn’t doubt that Rypien would rather win more games than win an individual award (obviously I don’t know him, but that’s the feeling I get).

But the bragging rights for the school, the fans, and a certain fan-blog would have been tremendous had he actually won it. Though we all realize that shot would be an outside one at best.

At the end of the day it’s about winning games. Let’s hope that we do more of it.

Go Broncos!