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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Bronco Soccer; Rypien; BYU week

Colorado State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

My dad avoids all French restaurants.

They give him the crepes.

Bronco soccer didn’t quite close it out

They still have a MWC title. First of the program. But in this case they have to share it. All they had to do was either win, or not lose. Buuuuuuut they did the opposite of that. It happens. On a positive note, they still get the no. 1 seed during the tournament. That’s due to the weird soccer tie-breaking rules. Good luck to the Broncos on their next step.

Brett Rypien: yeah, he’s all right at this

Five touchdowns. 399 yards. No picks (though were all kind of hoping that Air Force shot on fourth down WAS a pick). Four more regular season games to go.

Bronco MBB had another secret scrimmage

There really isn’t too much to put into these things. Remember that Washington game from last year? Broncos did a pretty good job. Overachieved in the non-conference schedule then sat and watched the other teams in the conference do their thing. Ah well. Still football season so we will get to basketball when it’s their time. (To reiterate: it’s not their time yet.)

I am including this one because it describes BYU as ‘punchless’

And because it’s BYU-week and homecoming. This game on Saturday is going to be entertaining for anyone not wearing Boise State or BYU gear. And, as the article indicates, the games have been really close. Uncomfortably so. So go ahead and get your weird pants on, and possibly your disappointed dad-faces (I’ve got mine hanging up in the garage to air out) for this one.


This dude finds stuff in the garbage.