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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Diver earns recognition; Baseball commit; A new way of scheduling

College World Series - Arkansas v Oregon State - Game Three Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

I almost decided to go as a Band-Aid for Halloween, but then decided against it.

Too hard to pull off.

Bronco diver earns MWC nod—again!

Looks as though Ms. Erlam is making up for lost time in all the opportunities that a Bronco should have nailed the diver of the week. Good for her!

Boise State baseball gets another commitment

Interesting seeing this stuff getting built from the ground up.

The baseball staff is working tons to get this stuff going. And with the new baseball field comging soon, you can really feel this thing being real.

Everyone has scheduling woes. How about a lottery?

There are some good ideas here. I know it’ll never happen, but would be a fun thing to do.


Have I posted this one before? Raccoonverter. I kind of want to say I have, but not sure. A lot of these just run together at this point.