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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Basketball tonight; Kellen Moore moves to coaching; More NFL Draft; Graduates!

2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game: Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys

I bought a case of dynamite recently.

It was an offer I couldn’t re-fuse.

Bronco swimming gets a swimmer of the week

And not just a Mountain West Conference swimmer of the week nod, but a national one as well. The Broncos are looking to defend their Mountain West Conference title and, boy howdy, do they look like they can do it!

Bronco gymnasts also clean up some conference honors

The Mountain Rim Gymnastics Conference only has four schools in it (Boise State, BYU, Utah State, and Southern Utah) so the no. 9 Broncos should be snapping these up at a pretty consistent clip.

Bronco MBB at home tonight versus the San Jose State Spartans

And OBNUG will be in attendance. This is going to be a bounce-back game from the close loss last Saturday. The next two games (SJSU and Air Force) are, on paper, “easy” matchups. Both squads just aren’t very good. So hopefully the Broncos will be able to get some wins. Course, the game still need to be played.

Speaking of the MBB

Leon Rice is out here defending the honor of potatoes everywhere.

Bronco WBB headed down to San Jose for their matchup

This Bronco team also needs to rebound from a really tough matchup against Nevada. Look for the Broncos to get back to their winning ways.

Cedrick Wilson standing out at the Senior Bowl practices

Well duh.

And I guess it’s officially official now

The Kellen Moore Coaching Era begins now. And thus his journey for his calling truly begins. I have my thoughts on him eventually coaching at Boise State (hint: I am for it) but I can see some hesitation. We don’t want this to be a BYU-Ty Detmer thing where the situation just doesn’t work out and we end up souring on The Chosen One’s Glorious Return. Not that I don’t think he won’t excel at coaching at Boise State (I’m probably going to lose a lot of real, physical fights defending him) but that it just might not necessarily be for him. Recruiting and all that. Perhaps the pros are just a “better” fit. At any rate, can only go up from here.

All-Star games are a good way for athletes to showcase their skills

And the Bronco-signees did just that. Khalil Shakir proved why he was a four-star for 247Sports. And Kukea Emmsley earned himself another notch on his rankings and got bumped to a four-star. Kekaniokoa Gonzalez also had a strong showing. If it weren’t for the early signing period I have no doubt we would be sweating all three of these guys getting poached.

The Broncos eSports team has it out tonight as well

And, wouldn’t you know it, they’re going up against Nevada.

I think the Broncos can take them.

Top-50 draft prospects

Leighton Vander Esch makes an appearance here. You’ll have to click on it to find out where.

And since Boise State is a place for learning

It’s good to see statistics like this.

There are quite a few things holding Boise State back from a P5 conference. And academics, unfortunately, are one of them. But there is improvement. And there has been marked improvement ever since Dr. Bob Kustra has been at the helm. Whoever the State Board of Education selects is going to have some big shoes to fill, not only athletically but academically.

Apparently Boise State has a representative in the ABC show, The Bachelor?

Having never watched the show I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. But running Circus or Statue Left in the dating scene, I assume, would be problematic. I guess as long as she’s got a fast 40 time, and has some grit, I think she can make it.


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