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UCF did it, so why not? Get your Boise State National Champions (2x) tee!

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We’ve been goofing on UCF for a little over a week for their fictional national title claim (the Knights finished 6th in the AP). They could’ve just thrown a parade like the rest of us, but naw...they had to take it one step further and start using the “n” word. Well, seems to me (and some intrepid t-shirt designers) that if UCF wants to open up this can of worms, there are plenty of other schools that can hoist their own imaginary trophies (we do, after all have just as many actual FBS national championships as UCF...and twice as many undefeated seasons). BTW, Boise State has an NJCAA and 1-AA national title for, whether you want to really “stick it to the man”, get in on the joke, or as may be the case—actually believe we can lay claim to our own Natty (let’s call it “Natty Lite”), there’s a tee-shirt for you.

The folks at designed this snazzy 2x national champion shirt for Boise State and look at that thread count!

They also were kind enough to offer OBNUG a referral commission, so if you decide to pull the trigger on one of these bad boys, OBNUG will get a bit in their coffers for site infrastructure/churro machine. So, if that UCF fan* in your office has been a little too smug lately, just head HERE and remind them that Boise State was winning fictional national titles before it was cool.

*Let’s be honest, you probably don’t have a UCF fan in your office.