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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State athletes as MWC leader; PFF MWC def team of the week; Doug Martin

NCAA Football: Wyoming at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

What do you call ants that cannot speak?


Two Boise State athletes voted to Mountain West Conference positions

This is a neat one since this is the first time in the MWC history that the people in these positions are from the same school.

Congratulations to these two leaders in their new positions.

Former Broncos Orlando Scandrick and Tyrone Crawfard named Dallas Cowboys team captains

The article is mainly about Mr. Scandrick but there is a mention of Mr. Crawford as well.

ProFootball Focus releases MWC defensive team of the week

I don’t disagree with the Boise State selections per se.

I just am curious why the whole TEAM isn’t filled with Broncos. No accounting taste I tell you.

Deadspin getting at the heart of the hurricane Irma issues: Doug Martin’s suspension

In that, what it means for fantasy football.

Some of the transcript when Jeremy McNichols was cut from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Huh. Seems like there were some interesting things going on there. At least McNichols will be on the west coast where, if an enterprising Boise State fan wanted to, could see him hanging around. Good luck to McNichols.

People keep talking about Matt Paradis’ cheat burger

And, boy howdy, do I ever want to try that thing. Looks delicious!


Random Keyboard Anger. Just smash your keyboard. Ok, don’t smash it as that will cause problems with trying to type. But you can be a bit more aggressive for this thing.