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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State bowl projections; Kellen Moore recap; Top 25 polls

81st Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic - Western Michigan v Wisconsin Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Guys, have you heard of the werewolf that does not know she’s a werewolf?

She’s an unawarewolf.

ICMYI: Kellen Moore heading back to the Dallas Cowboys

Once again, an odd situation. But all is well that ends well I suppose.

Boise State still outside the AP 25 Poll

To which I am pretty ok with. Have to earn back some of that clout. Still plenty season left to go for the Broncos to get back in the top 25.

Also missed out on the Coaches poll

Makes sense here as well.

Want to see former Bronco Charles Leno Jr preview a Chicago Bears opponent?

Sure you do! You would probably get more out of it if you were a Bears fan or an Atlanta Falcons fan but, hey, it’s something to pass the time.

Brett Rypien’s uncle will welcome him when Brett gets to WSU

Lots of fun conflict here. In the grand scheme this is a pretty low stakes game (out of conference and all that) so it should be fine to be a little looser on this.

Fans get to vote on the Boise State athlete of the week

For the first week Mr. Avery Williams (and his awesome touchdown) was chosen. There really is no “bad choice” here given the options. I, personally, would have gone with Sierra Nobley as she’s been nothing but dominant her whole career and last week was no exception. But, again, no wrong choice here, just differences.

Boise State bowl projections

I am not going to spoil this but you will want to click on this. Do it. Click it.

Jeremy McNichols got his feelings hurt?

The above link is actually from Twitter, but it breaks OBNUG rules, so be aware that it has just a touch of NSFW language.

A New York Giants position-by-position breakdown

You never really realize how many of these things you can run into as you do this kind of stuff. I mean, I get it: 32 teams and people are going to consume this information. Just... it’s a lot yanno?


Squirrel underpants. Squirrels being all indecent and stuff.