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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State FloTrack XC rankings; Demarcus Lawrence; New MBB commit; Troy Merritt

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Why didn’t the lifeguard rescue the hippy?

He was too far out man.

Demarcus Lawrence: good at football

And sacking quarterbacks.

He was definitely on one last night against the Arizona Cardinals. When he’s not injured, or suspended, he’s a downright force of nature. I feel bad for any o-lineman, or QB, that has to face down Tank.

And he really hasn’t changed too much since his college days. Maybe a little thicker.

Boise State MBB got a new recruit

Not sure what this does to assuage the loss of the recent decommit, but as long as the player wants to be a Bronco, he’s all right in my book. Welcome aboard Mr. Frazier. Hopefully he gets to see the hardcourt early and often.

FloTrack’s women’s cross country rankings

Ummmmm..... I have some beef with this one. And, when you click on this, I can only assume you will know to the obvious snub I am referring to. Boise State’s Adorable Badass will suffer no fools this season.

Oh and, while we are on the subject of FloTrack and rankings:


Former Bronco Golfer Troy Merritt looks to have PGA tour card intact

Mr. Merritt tied for sixth in the field. Congratulations to Merritt. Must be nice to not have the pressure of not knowing if you’re going to be in on the PGA tour for the following year.

Darian Thompson breaks Darren Sproles’ arm—on accident

Woops. That’s just one of those things that happens on the football field. It is a bummer Sproles tore his ACL and broke his arm on the same play. I wish him well and a speedy recovery.


Zombies in your neighborhood? This didn’t work for me, but maybe for you?